Friday, November 4, 2011

No Glaucoma

The procedure on Wednesday morning went great. It was a quick procedure and Nicholas did great all around. He wasn't able to drink or eat prior to the 0730 procedure time and he didn't seem to mind too much. He loved checking out the preop area and playing with the beeper as well as all the other gadgets in the room. Right before they were going to take him back, we met with the anesthesiologist. She didn't know he had pneumonia a week prior, even though I called the surgery center on Monday to let them know, and said we should reconsider the procedure. We pushed back a little bit talking through the risks of another pneumonia versus loosing his eye site. She went and talked with the peds ophthalmologist and figured out what she was going to do was different than what she had anticipated. She thought she had to intubate him versus just giving him gas via a mask. How does that happen? In looking back, I'm glad he had pneumonia, otherwise, he may have been intubated by the time his ophthalmologist got into the room. That would have been a bad mistake. Another reason why it's always good to know what is going to happen and reiterate that with the staff. Unfortunately, mistakes happen and the more we can be an advocate for ourselves and loved ones the less likely those mistakes should happen. Anyhow, in the end, we were extremely thankful that Nicholas does not have glaucoma, just different looking optic nerves. We thank you for your prayer and thoughts. They paid off! Now, we just need to continue to work with Nicholas to wear his glasses.

Denise, Denise and Nicholas

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  1. That's really great news Nicholas. Glasses are a bummer no doubt but in the end they really help out. Would love to have seen you fly down here on Halloween in your Superman outfit for a little trick or treat. We certainly need to find a weekend to get together with you and Mommas. We've been cheering on the Hawkeyes. Hope you have been able to wear black and gold and not just that red and white. Are you going to have turkey and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving? Hard to believe it's only a couple of weeks away. We like ham better than turkey even though it's not as good for us. Judy likes pecan pie better than pumpkin. I like both. Who makes the pie in your house?
    Hope your folks are doing well too. A lot of crud out there this time of year. That includes Ohio State of course. Anyway, thanks to Moms for the posts and keep up the good work. Keep on the move so they have to chase after you. Sorry to hear about the owie on the chin but doubt it will be the last time you get one of those.
    Love, Judy/Dave