Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Nicholas!

Today is Nicholas's 1st Birthday. It doesn't seem possible that we delivered our 1 pounder a year ago today. We certainly have come a long way in a year! We're very thankful for our precious little boy. He's truly our miracle baby. This birthday is a little emotional for both of us. We're marveled with how well Nicholas is doing. As we look back to 2010, we wouldn't have changed a thing. There were bad days but they are trumped by the many good days we had. We're believers that God doesn't give you more than you can handle!

We both decided to take the day off of work to celebrate with Nicholas. Not sure what is on our agenda, but doesn't matter as long as we're all together.

The first couple of pictures were taken this morning as Nicholas ate his cereal with blueberries and apples. The other pictures were taken during a New Years celebration party we had at our place on Saturday. We had a small group of friends over and celebrated Nicholas's birthday towards the end of the day. He liked to play with, more than eat his "smash" cake. Our friend Nancy tried feeding Nicholas his pork and peas after a taste of frosting. That didn't go too well. She snuck in the peas/pork in between bites of frosting. Speaking of bites, Nicholas's first tooth poked through last week.

We're thankful for all of your love, support and prayers over the last year. You all helped us get to where we are today - thank you!


Denise, Denise, and Nicholas