Monday, March 28, 2011

A year since Nicholas came home

Last Friday marked a year since we brought Nicholas home from the hospital. We're amazed at how far he has come in that year. He is doing more and more every day. He is crawling everywhere, pulling himself up on any piece of furniture he can find and is also climbing up stairs. We're trying to teach him how to turn around and come back down them., but, he hasn't gotten the hang of that yet and would most likely try to "fall" down the stairs, without supervision. I tried getting some good pictures of Nicholas today but it's tough as he's always on the move and I couldn't get him to sit still. So, we've included one from today and a few others from the last month. I'm sure the next set of pictures will include a haircut as he is finally getting to the point where he needs one. Well, he's been there for a little while; I should say the Moms' are finally getting around to being ok with him getting his first haircut.

We've had some nicer weather over the last few weeks and Nicholas has been able to get out of the house for stroller walks, which he loves. We're devising plans now for the weeks this summer that include visits to the Zoo, Children's Museum and other fun outings. I'm sure Nicholas will enjoy a lot more than staying in the house all day.

Happy Spring!

Denise, Denise and Nicholas

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Florida Fun

Nicholas is growing and doing new things every day. He is very close to crawling; he can get around by doing an army crawl/moving his legs type of thing. He is also working on pulling himself up and standing more. We're working with PT once a week to assist with developing his gross motor skills. Otherwise, he's on par with all his other developmental milestones, of which we are extremely thankful for. He received his last two shots of Synagis (to help prevent or at least lessen the effects of RSV)last week. We're all thankful for that. We were thankful that he qualified for them and now thankful the monthly trips to the Dr. office for shots is over. It was not fun for any parties involved!

Nicholas spent last week in Florida, which he loved. His favorite things were playing in the pool and going for stroller walks, besides seeing Grandma and Papa Mancuso, of course. We've attached some pictures of Nicholas in the pool and after the pool. You can see it really tired him out. The humidity also did a number on his hair. It was much more wavy than in the Wisconsin dry air. We all enjoyed some time away from the cold and snow!

We hope this March finds you all happy and healthy. Only a couple of more months until we can all be outside enjoying the nice weather!

Denise, Denise, and Nicholas