Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update on the Boys


Wow, how time flies when you are having fun! I apologize for the length of time between blogs; we have two boys that are keeping us busy. Things have been great at our house. Nicholas is doing really well at "school" after crying each time we dropped him off this summer. It took 8 weeks, he went 2x/week, for him to stop crying when we dropped him off. It broke our hearts and we are super happy he has gotten over that. His school is on 8 acres and includes a nature bus, live animals and gardens. So, a lot of outdoor activities. Nicholas would live outdoors if we let him. He's talking more and more everyday. It's pretty fun to carry on a conversation with him. We had his speech evaluated recently and he's on par with other 3 year olds. So, almost caught up with where he should be. He got new glasses last month. We decided to forgo the "Harry Potter" glasses.

James is our happy boy. It's amazing how fast 7 months has gone. James is close to crawling and is a smiley baby. He loves when Nicholas gives him attention. Nicholas likes to crawl into James crib in the mornings and just lay with him, to which James seems to love. We've had such a different experience with James from Nicholas on many fronts. We're thankful for the experiences we have had with both boys, while different, just as meaningful.

We have our first big trip with the boys this December. We decided to take them to Cancun for a 4 night vacation at a Westin resort. The rooms are condo like, so, will make traveling with kids much easier. We're excited to spend time together and play in the sand and pools. They are great fliers overall, so, hoping a little further than Cleveland and Nashville will be just as successful.

May you be blessed with family, friends and happy memories during this holiday season.


Denise, Denise, Nicholas and James