Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I apologize for the delayed blog entry. The site kept crashing on us on our home computer for some reason. Anyhow, things are going well overall at the Rasmussen-Mancuso household. Here are the top 10 things (random order) that have happened since our last blog entry:
10. Nicholas flushed a bottle of vanilla down the toilet, who knew he could flush it :). Mommy M. fished it out after some Internet research. Thank goodness it got stuck before ending up in a pipe.
9. Nicholas saw Peds ENT and was put on some nasal sprays for his snoring. The physician thinks it might be more allergy related versus his adenoids. I'm hopeful he's right and so far things seem to be better.
8. Nicholas saw Peds Opthamology and does need glasses. You basically have a choice of color in glasses for kids that young. The frames are plastic to prevent any mishaps. We originally considered buying him a couple of pairs to match his outfits (a total woman thing to do) until we saw the price. One pair will be just fine. :) We got them last Friday, now we have to figure out how to get him to keep them on. I think our record thus far is 2 minutes, not great. Peds opthamology is also concerned that Nicholas's optic nerve has changed quite a bit since his last exam a year ago. They question if he has pediatric glaucoma. With no family history of it, the chances are low, but, he has a procedure on Wednesday, November 2nd, to measure the pressure in his eyes. They have to put him under with gas in order to get the pressure read, so, it has to be done in a surgery center and he can't eat or drink before it. That will not be a pleasant morning in our house. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that Nicholas doesn't have glaucoma. We're trying to decrease the number of specialists we see.
7. Nicholas will be seen at the preemie clinic at Rainbow when we are in the Cleveland area around Christmas time. They like to keep up to date on how the kiddos taken care there fair. It's always a fun time for us to get back and see some of the nurses and doctors who took such great care of him.
6. Nicholas still loves to dance, he's started to do a full circle in his routine. He's such a riot to watch.
5. He still loves going outside and is getting more adventurous. I had him outside with me when I was doing some stuff in the yard and looked over and he had climbed to the top of our neighbors slide on his own. The top has 2 wide openings. You can bet I got over to the swing set in a split second.
4. He got the first cut on his face. He was playing at the park and fell and hit his chin. It was a decent gash, but seems to be healing nicely.
3. Nicholas got a bad cold last week. Due to the procedure he has on Wednesday, we wanted to be sure his lungs were in tip top shape, so, we took him in to see the physician. Turns out, the chest x-ray looked a bit like pneumonia, so, he was put on antibiotics and was getting consistent albuterol neb treatments at home.
2. As you can see above, Nicholas was Superman for Halloween. He won't keep a hat on, so, we had to search for a costume that didn't have a hat or hood and Superman won out.
1. The other picture of Nicholas attached is of him and his nanny, Chelsea. He really loves spending time with her and we realized we had never shared a picture of the two of them even though Chelsea's been around for over a year.

We hope you are all doing well. We look forward to seeing many of you on our holiday travels.

Denise, Denise and Nicholas