Monday, February 7, 2011

My first time in the snow

We have a lot of snow from a storm last week (around 17 inches). The weather was decent (it's all relative) this weekend, so, we took Nicholas outside to experience sledding and to make his first snow angel. He seemed to enjoy it and so did we.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a difference a year makes



Things are going well at the Mancuso-Rasmussen house. Nicholas is growing and doing new things all the time. He is up to 19lbs and moves all over the place. While he isn't crawling yet, he rolls and rotates and does an army crawl to get anything he wants. He's close to crawling but not there yet. Physical Therapy is coming to the house once a week to help us work on things to get Nicholas to crawl. Not all kids crawl at 9 months gestation, but, we want to make sure Nicholas gets as much help as he can with his developmental milestones given his small start in life. He's talking and much more interactive everyday.
We occasionally look back to the blog a year ago to see what was happening with Nicholas. What a difference a year makes. We're thankful everyday for our little miracle and so happy to be a year out of the NICU.

Denise and I went on vacation the third week of January. After much consideration, we decided to leave Nicholas with Papa and Nana Rasmussen. He had a great time and so did we. We certainly missed him but knowing he was well taken care of helped us get some much needed rest and relaxation. We all travel to Florida later this month to see Papa and Grandma Mancuso. So, Nicholas will get some reprieve from the snow too.

We had Nicholas's 1year pictures taken this week and attached some of them here. The football picture is timely as we cheer on the Packers in the Super Bowl.

Nicholas welcomed another cousin into the world on February 3rd. Maxwell Rasmussen resides in Nashville, TN. We hope to visit him in the next couple of months. Nicholas is excited to have a future playmate close to his age. We've attached a picture of the new little one below.

We hope you are all staying warm and able to dig out of the snow. We had 17 inches last week. We're thankful for the simple things in life; a roof over our head to keep us warm and safe.

Keep warm this winter season. Spring is just around the corner.

Denise, Denise and Nicholas