Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy Days



 Nicholas is very busy these days. His main mode of transportation is walking/running. He started walking about 3-4 weeks ago consistently and hasn't looked back. His physical therapist from Birth to 3 almost started crying when she saw him walking and has decided because he is doing so well, she no longer needs to come on a monthly basis. So, Nicholas won't be seen until after his second birthday for an evaluation to ensure all is going well.

Nicholas favorite place to be is anywhere outside, as is evident from the pictures. He has a few words he signs and outside is one of them. He wakes up signing that he wants to go out side and it continues until he goes to bed at night. His favorite word is "yah," especially when the Moms' are saying no. It's turned into a game, of which we try not to play, but is hard at times when you continue to say no and you have this little person behind you saying yah almost 2x the amount you say no. He wants to be sure we mean no, I guess.

Nicholas had a hearing test earlier this month. Due to having dull tympanic membranes and being on so many antibiotics early on, his pediatrician wanted to be sure his hearing was good and it is. He passed with flying colors. He sees an ENT Dr. in October for snoring; we're thinking he may have big adenoids. Hopefully not, but we want to be sure. He also sees the pediatric opthamologist again in October. That is a day none of us are looking forward to. Other than that, Nicholas is getting longer and is still about 23 pounds. He's doing great and for that we are blessed.

We hope you had a wonderful summer and are getting into the swing of things that fall brings.

Love, Denise, Denise, and Nicholas

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